Academic Success

The Academic Success Network strives to ensure academic success for all students in St. Lucie County by reducing risk factors and strengthening protective factors that impact students’ ability to remain and succeed in school.
Experiencing success in school lifts self-esteem, inspires academic commitment, and instills a positive view of school.  This “experience of success” is the mission of the Academic Success Network.  We work with the community to promote higher graduation rates, increase proficiency in reading and math, and keep our children in school until they graduate. 
The Network takes a “cradle-to college-to career” approach, and focuses on encouraging a collaborative and comprehensive approach in which partner agencies can achieve the following goals:
  • Ensure all children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed
  • Get all children reading at grade level by third grade
  • Graduate all students from high school prepared for college and career
  • Ensure post-secondary education or training options for all
  • Improve access to jobs and valuable work experience

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