Child & Adolescent Health

The Child and Adolescent Health Network

The Child & Adolescent Health Network believes that every St. Lucie County child deserves a healthy start, access to health care, the knowledge and skills to stay healthy, and a healthy life plan that reduces risky behavior. The Network has created an annual Report Card that tracks 12 measures of health including rates of: prenatal care, health insurance, immunizations, obesity, injury, tobacco, and teen pregnancy. 
After tracking these measures for three years, the Network identified injury prevention and healthy weight as priorities. As a result, the Network created two Subcommittees on Injury Prevention and Obesity Prevention.  

Injury Prevention Sub-Committee

The Injury Prevention Sub-Committee applied to SafeKids International and successfully met the criteria to become a Safe Kids Coalition in 2015. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries to children. 
Injuries are the number one killer of children in the United States. 
Preventable injuries to children often happen in predictable ways and can be avoided with the right education. The Safe Kids Coalition of St. Lucie County will be working to reduce unintentional injury from sports, drowning, fall, burns, motor vehicles, poisoning, pedestrian safety, bike safety and more. The Safe Kids Coalition of St. Lucie County is currently gathering information on the types of unintentional injuries seen in St. Lucie County. Once the information is gathered and reviewed a strategic plan will be developed and implemented.

Child Passenger Safety and Car Seat Education

In 2015-2016, Roundtable partners collaborated to provide passenger safety (car seat) education to the residents of St. Lucie County. This partnership will continue with the Safe Kids Coalition of St. Lucie County. Over the past year this program assisted in educating caregivers in approximately 535 installations or inspections of car seats. The program has been able to provide over 250 car seats to low income families at a reduced price of $20.00.
The Safe Kids Coalition of St.Lucie County looks forward to the continued success of the child passenger safety program as well as the development of programs to address unintentional injuries to children here in St. Lucie County. Injuries to children most often happen in predictable ways and can be prevented  with the right education, planning and awareness.

Obesity Prevention Sub-Committee

To address obesity in St. Lucie County, the Network also formed an obesity prevention subcommittee consisting of school nurses, the Health Department, Children’s Home Society, and Children’s Services Council. After reviewing best practices across the nation to address obesity in children, the subcommittee selected the 5210 Let’s Go! Obesity Prevention Program as a good fit for St. Lucie County.  5210 Let’s Go! is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program that partners with schools, childcare and out of school programs, healthcare practices and community organizations to change environments where children and families live, learn, work, and play. 5-2-1-0 is the foundation of the program:
  • 5 – fruits and veggies
  • 2 – hours or less of recreational screen time
  • 1 – hour or more of physical activity
  • 0 – sugary drinks, more water
In 2014, the subcommittee launched a successful pilot program of 5210 Let’s Go! at Miracle Prayer Temple Church in the Lincoln Park area of Fort Pierce. Moving forward, the implementation plan for 5210 is to launch the campaign in youth serving agencies over the summer, and in child care centers and after-school programs.