Youth Leadership St. Lucie


The Roundtable of St. Lucie County is proud to announce that recruiting has begun for Youth Leadership St. Lucie, a program to mobilize young leaders to create positive change in St. Lucie County.  Through Youth Leadership St. Lucie, youth will have a voice in making decisions about their community.  Youth will:

  • DECIDE what issues are important to their generation,
  • EXPRESS those issues in their local community, and
  • DEVELOP strategies to solve them. 

Youth Leadership St. Lucie empowers teens to become good community problem solvers, communicators and advocates.  Participants (called Youth Leadership Activists) will address community challenges through Youth in Action projects focused on reducing teen substance abuse, violence, bullying, school failure, pregnancy and unhealthy lifestyles.  Youth Leadership Activists will:

  1. Design effective teen campaigns against substance abuse, violence and unhealthy lifestyles. 
  2. Creatively express youth needs and inspire critical consciousness in leaders, residents and other youth around important community issues.
  3. Advocate for youth interests before local, state and federal legislatures.
  4. Become a Peer Mentor to help other teens develop their own leadership potential.

Youth who reside in Fort Pierce will also have the opportunity to participate in Fort Pierce’s Youth Council (YOCO).  A new initiative of the City of Fort Pierce, YOCO members will inform city leaders about youth perspectives on issues that affect city government.

To participate in Youth Leadership St. Lucie, students must be in grades 9-12, have a 2.5 GPA, and have parent/legal guardian approval to participate for at least one year.

Application Period Currently Closed. 

Future YLSL Applications will be available at: or you may contact Kevin Singletary at or Kim Reid at or call 871-5880 for more information.

YLSL Projects


YLSL making a difference!

"I wanted to personally let you know how much of an impact these leadership courses have on the youth of St. Lucie County.  For example, my brother, Nicolas has always volunteered, but after taking the two leadership courses, he pushed himself to get more involved in the community. As a result, he is now a member of the Youth Advocacy Board of Students Working Against Tobacco, where he represents St. Lucie and twelve other counties at a statewide level.  I have also been impacted by the leadership courses you and the Roundtable offer. Thanks to the course I took during the fall semester, I have realized that I have more potential, and as a result, I am now a member of the Leadership Council of Students Working Against Tobacco, and am also the president of the St. Lucie SWAT chapter held by the Health Department.  That being said, I would like to thank you once again for opening me and the youth up to these opportunities to exhibit our full potential." -- Sebastian Suarez

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