Youth Leadership St. Lucie


Youth Leadership St. Lucie (YLSL) is comprised of a diverse group of high school students representing a broad spectrum of schools throughout St. Lucie County.  YLSL members have a genuine interest in personal growth and a desire to be a catalyst for change in their community.

Our young leaders are prepared to take on projects and participate in activities that will support their desire to expand their skillsets as leaders, including gaining confidence in public speaking, advocacy, lobbying and rallying.

Operating under the premise “youth-led, adult-guided”, YLSL provides teens a forum in which to discuss and creatively address issues they have identified in the community.  As the youth develop strategies to express their views and advocate for change, they are accompanied by adult advisors and community leaders who support and guide them with their expertise.

If you or a high school student you know would like to join this incredible team of young leaders, please contact our youth advisors below for more information about YLSL enrollment.


YLSL Youth Advisors:

Kevin Singletary: or (772) 979-1575

Kim Reid: or (772) 240-2606

Youth Leadership St. Lucie Enrollment

Please scan the QR code below to access our current application.    


Youth Leadership St. Lucie used a community-based participatory action research method entitled "Photo Voice" to address issues they identified in their communities.  Through their personal and peer lenses, the youth took photos that they felt best illustrated their concerns and wrote powerful captions to accentuate and expand upon the message captured through their photos. 
Please enjoy the excerpts above of Youth Leadership St. Lucie's powerful "Photo Voice" projects. 
If you would like to display a full exhibit of photos and captions at your place of business, please contact Kevin Singletary at or Kim Reid at


YLSL making a difference!

"I wanted to personally let you know how much of an impact these leadership courses have on the youth of St. Lucie County.  For example, my brother, Nicolas has always volunteered, but after taking the two leadership courses, he pushed himself to get more involved in the community. As a result, he is now a member of the Youth Advocacy Board of Students Working Against Tobacco, where he represents St. Lucie and twelve other counties at a statewide level.  I have also been impacted by the leadership courses you and the Roundtable offer. Thanks to the course I took during the fall semester, I have realized that I have more potential, and as a result, I am now a member of the Leadership Council of Students Working Against Tobacco, and am also the president of the St. Lucie SWAT chapter held by the Health Department.  That being said, I would like to thank you once again for opening me and the youth up to these opportunities to exhibit our full potential." -- Sebastian Suarez

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