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Kids at Hope Principles & Practices

Kids at Hope is a strategic cultural framework based on resiliency research designed to engage entire communities in supporting success for all children, without exception. Kids at Hope profoundly impacts children’s future because it trains adults to be intentional in believing, engaging and connecting with children. The belief and practice is incorporated into everyday interactions between youth and adults, and becomes the community culture in which the child is raised.
The Roundtable launched Kids at Hope in St. Lucie County in 2007 and it has been embraced throughout our community. Since 2007, hundreds of community, school, city and county employees and residents have been trained in the Kids at Hope belief system, and thousands of children have been impacted. The cities of Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, as well as St. Lucie County, have all adopted resolutions to be Kids at Hope communities. In addition, the St. Lucie County school district adopted a five year plan to have all schools become Kids at Hope schools. In April 2018 that goal was successfully achieved as the last of St. Lucie County's 41 public schools was trained in Kids at Hope. In addition to schools, Roundtable staff has trained more than 100 organizations, including youth serving agencies, childcare facilities, and all employees of the City of Fort Pierce, Fort Police Department, and St. Lucie County Parks and Recreation. 
The KAH training workshop teaches adults, parents, institutions, schools and communities a cultural framework based on three fundamental principles and practices:
  • WE BELIEVE – that all children are capable of success, no exceptions!
  • WE CONNECT – with all children in a meaningful, sustainable way as Anchor parents, Caring adults, adults who set high Expectations, and adults who offer opportunities for Success (otherwise known as ACES).
  • WE TIME TRAVEL – teach children to mentally time travel to their futures in each of four areas where we expect and need children to contribute when they become adults:  Home and Family; Education and Career; Community and Service; and Hobbies and Recreation.
The primary program activities are:
  • Training schools, youth serving agencies, organizations, community institutions and parents in the Kids at Hope belief and practice, thereby touching thousands of children who are impacted by these adults throughout St. Lucie County.
  • Providing technical assistance to organizations that are already trained in and practicing Kids at Hope to help them develop and sustain meaningful ways of connecting with children and teach children to envision and articulate their futures.
  • Assisting KAH organizations in evaluation of whether the children they serve have ACES, the quality of those relationships, and ways to connect with children who report not having any ACES in their lives. (ACES Tracking).
  • Coordinating community-wide events, and collaborating with KAH agencies on activities and initiatives that bring KAH alive in the community.
To schedule a Kids at Hope training for your agency or organization please contact Kim Reid or Kevin Singletary at:

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Kids at Hope Pledges

Kids' Pledge
I am a Kid at Hope
I am talented, smart and capable of success, I have dreams for the future and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams everyday, ALL children are capable of success - No Exceptions! 
Treasure Hunter's Pledge
As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence that exist in all children and youth. I believe that ALL children are capable of success - No Exceptions!

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