Lincoln Park Advisory Committee

The Lincoln Park Advisory Committee is a subcommittee under the Safe Neighborhoods Network. Their role is to provide input, serve as the community mobilization arm of the Restoring the Village Youth Initiative, and assist with implementation of the federal Comprehensive Gang Model in the Lincoln Park area of Fort Pierce. The Committee includes the formal and informal leaders of the Lincoln Park area whose social or professional position, history of commitment to community activities, and role in neighborhood based organizations helps shape the attitudes and behaviors of key segments of Lincoln Park. The committee includes representatives from the Lincoln Park Ministers Association, Parents of Murdered Children (POMC), Fort Pierce Police Department, community mobilization groups, youth serving agencies, local NAACP chapter, and others. Their role is to elicit ideas from the Lincoln Park area and afford Lincoln Park residents a voice in identifying services and activities relating to Roundtable initiatives. Presently, the LPAC is charged with mobilizing local citizens, including former gang youth, community groups and agencies, and coordinating programs and initiatives within and across the Lincoln Park community in order to assist the Roundtable in implementing the Restoring the Village Youth Initiative. 


Lincoln Park Advisory Committee Application

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