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What is Getting Ahead In A Just Gettin' By World?
Getting Ahead is a 48 hour course that encourages participants to build resources and create a plan that will help them to begin to make changes that will lead to a stable and secure future. 
Through activities and group discussions, participants explore the causes of poverty; community and individual resources; and strategies for goal setting and planning. Participants, called investigators, are paid a small stipend for their investigative work that leads to greater community insight on the issue of poverty. By the end of the course, each investigator has an achievable goal and concrete steps to make that goal a reality. 
Watch this video to learn more about Getting Ahead in St. Lucie County!
What Is Covered?
  • "Hidden Rules" of economic class
  • Stages of change
  • Community and individual resources
  • Research on poverty, community and individual
  • Self-Assessments to help with planning
  • Looking ahead to the future
  • Creating an individual plan to leave poverty behind
How Can I Apply?
Can My Business or Agency Sponsor a Class?
Class and participant sponsorships are very appreciated. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation and become a sponsor, please contact: Grace Way Village (772) 925-3074.  
Sponsors are recognized on this website and invited to attend the Getting Ahead graduation. Those sponsoring a full class are invited to speak at the graduation.
Sample Sponsorships:
  • Full Class of 12 Investigators: Includes participant books/materials, two trained facilitators, supplies, limited snacks; record keeping and data reports - $3,000.
  • Individual Investigator: $250
Are There Other Ways My Business or Agency Can Support Getting Ahead?
  • Attend a Bridges Out of Poverty Training and/or schedule the training for your group.
  • Provide a growth opportunity for a Getting Ahead graduate:
    • ​Discounts & vouchers
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Job shadowing
    • Apprenticeships
    • Job interviews



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